AdaptDev - On-Site Consultancy

On-Site Consultancy

As your partner in organizational transformation AdaptDev can provide coaching & training in a range of methods and frameworks that enable more effective methods of working in a digital world. Our Consultants will join you on-site in your organization and work with Teams, Management or Executives.

Why should you hire an Agile Consultant?

Even the best agile training courses cannot cover every detail or eventuality a team or any member of an organization may encounter. An Agile Consultant is there to continue the learning journey after formal training has ceased.

Having an Agile Consultant on-site can help employees put their knowledge into action. All too often, people will attend an Agile focused course, take on board the knowledge and practices provided and then fail to incorporate their learning into daily work. This will then allow your organization to thrive in this digital age with your employees enhanced knowledge & practice.

What we provide On-Site

  • Direct Training/Mentoring/Coaching
  • Work with Teams at Delivery Level
  • Work with Management enabling the environment wherein teams thrive
  • Work with Executives translating strategy and organizational goals to deliverable programmes

We will help organisations apply agile and lean thinking to the specific environments and impediments they face. Working as an adviser, our consultant will help any member of the organization adapt the methodology to their situation, and help them challenge the existing environment.

If you would like to enquire into the availability of one of our trainers providing a please